Tree of Codes

Enchanting modern ballet with incomparable visuals and a musical score you’ll want to listen to on repeat.

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First things first…

… I’m aware that the URL looks like “Alice looks a tart”. We’re just gonna go with it for now, until I think of something better (if that happens), so just have a laugh on me.

During my first year of living in Paris I lived with a Theatre and History of Art graduate who managed to visit one museum almost every weekday and on many many weekends before going to work. I’ll tell you now that I am not going to be that consistent – this year I can’t just rely on pro-active flatmates to take me to museums, I have to do it myself, and with uni work, going back to England, seeing friends, and all the other things I end up doing with my days, I’m not gonna be able to stick to a rigorous schedule with this, but I hope you enjoy reading about museums in Paris and that maybe it will help you decide which ones you may or may not want to visit when you’re around. (Or you can just live vicariously through me and feel like you’ve gone to a museum when actually you’ve just been sitting with a cup of tea reading about someone else going to one.) Either way, enjoy.