Alice looks at art

Hi! My name’s Alice and I’m currently studying French at the University of London in Paris. I’ve always been interested in art and kind of on the fence between studying French and art at uni.

Last summer I had a small degree crisis which led to me realising that I just want to look at art a lot of the time, so this is a log of where I’ve been and what I’ve looked at when I haven’t been busy with uni work or being at home in my bed. Enjoy!


Paris, art central

Let’s be honest, Paris is expensive. I know. I’m paying rent in euros with my student finance that comes to me in pounds, and the exchange rate is painful – I can’t justify paying five euros for a flat white since that’s basically five pounds now.

HOWEVER, if you’re aged under 26 and are a member of the European Union (even just for the next couple of years – UK residents take note), you can get free entry to many of Paris’ biggest, best, and weirdest museums, so here are a few of my faves (I’ll leave an extensive list of Paris’ free museums for EU U26s at the bottom).  (more…)

Art Museums of Paris

Here’s a work-in-progress map of art museums and monuments in Paris – those who are free or reduced rates for U26s in the EU, paying for everyone, and free for everyone. (more…)